Useful links: Smub, Twitter on Google, What not to Say on Twitter

Smub is a new bookmarking service you might want to take a look at. It works in your browser, of course, but it also works on mobile devices. Install a bookmarklet and you’re off.

Realtime Twitter Results on Google is a Firefox add-on that will add Twitter results to your Google searches. Puts recent tweets at the top of your search results. Quite nice.


Hey, authors, don’t tweet in anger! at Salon Magazine discusses author Alice Hoffman’s Twitter tirade against a critic. In case anyone in your life or classroom needs a reminder that everything you say and do on the Internet can come back to haunt you, here’s a little morality story to that effect. See also Don’t Ask Alice and this on Gawker. (Alice, I want you to know that I love every word in every one of your books. I’ve read quite a few and never revealed a plot twist to a single soul. Oh, yeah, I’m @vdebolt on Twitter.)

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