Useful Links: Windows 7 deal, Outlook, STEM ed in CA

I see in my affiliate newsletter from Amazon that they are offering a preorder of Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for 50% off for the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of Microsoft products, there’s a lot of bitch slapping in their direction over the decision to keep using the Word rendering engine to compose email in Outlook. A Twitter campaign (@fixoutlook) and website called Outlook’s broken—Let’s Fix it are behind this campaign to bring more standards-based email capability to Outlook. Also see the Email Standards Project, who started the slap-fest.

The Campaign for College Opportunity released a study with accompanying press materials called “Technical Difficulties:  Meeting California’s Workforce Needs in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Fields.” It details some of the problems in California, particularly with attracting Latinos and women in to STEM related fields. The report does not say much about education or curriculum, but it’s worth a look at how California thinks they can solve this problem. Hint: the answer is most often money rather than the culture of computer science programs or the way computer science is taught.

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