A TeleSummit for Women Who Tech

Women Who Tech is a telesummit. In its second year (the first year was a big hit), the telesummit uses the Internet and plain old phone conferencing to pull together a diverse group of women in a format that allows them to talk tech. The date for the telesummit is Tuesday, May 12 (right, that’s tomorrow). Registration is still open for some of the panels. It’s not to late to get in on the excitement.

You pay a mere $10 to register for your first panel. After that, you receive an email that allows you entry to two more panels. The panels begin at 11AM Eastern time and the final one is at 5PM Eastern Time. Where else can you attend a major conference for $10?

The wide ranging possibilities for learning and growing from year’s panels include:

  • launching your own startup
  • women and open source
  • breaking through the digital ceiling
  • the feminine mystique
  • tech marketing
  • social networks and diversity barriers
  • online tools
  • career innovative
  • gender and class in Web 2.0
  • video activism
  • transparency in government
  • social media ROI

Each panel lasts 50 minutes. I signed up for one at 11AM, 1PM and 3PM, which gives me plenty of time between panels to keep up with the rest of the things going on in my day. Maybe even get out of my pjs and go outside to water the tomatoes.

I’ve given you the what, when, where, and how. That leaves the topics of who and why.

There are two parts to the who: who created this and who is on the panels. You can see the founders bios at the site. Among them are Allyson Kapin, Eve Fox, Judity Freeman, Rosalyn Lemieux, Jen Moseley, Kelly O’Neal, Holly Ross, and Katrin Verclas. This group came together with the goals of giving women in technology greater representation, breaking down barriers for women in tech, and collecting information about women in tech for networking and conferencing purposes.

Who are the panelists leading each of the sessions?

  • Launching Your Own Startup:
    Rashmi Sinha, SlideShare, Amy Muller, Get Satisfaction, Lisa Stone, BlogHer. Moderator: Mary Hodder
  • Women and Open Source:
    Michelle Murrian, NOSI, Amy De Groff, Howard County Library. Moderator: Amanda Steinberg, Soapbxx
  • Breaking Through the Digital Ceiling:
    Lynne D. Johnson, Fast Company, Charlene Li, Co-Author of Groundswell and Founder of Altimeter, Susan Mernit, Consultant, Connie Reece, Every Dot Connects and Social Media Club. Moderator: Allyson Kapin
  • Feminine Mystique:
    Leslie Hawthorn, Google, Joan Blades, Moveon.org and Moms Rising, Tracy Viselli, Reno Fabulous Media. Moderator: Holly Ross, NTEN
  • Tech Marketing in a Recession:
    Fran Boscker, Vantage Communications, Hilary Zwerdling, M+R Strategic Services. Moderator: Jennifer Kutz, Vantage Communications
  • Social Networks and Diversity Barriers:
    Shireen Mitchell and Glennette Clark, CITI
  • Tools Galore in Online Communications:
    Natalie Foster, DNC, Rebecca Moore, Google Earth Outreach, Laura Quinn, Idealware. Moderator: Amy Sample Ward, NetSquared
  • Innovation and Tech Career Reinvention:
    Christine Adzich, Big Picture Productions, Sheryl Chamberlain, EMC, Megan Fitzgerald, Career By Choice, Nancy Wheeler, Intel. Moderator: Dee McCorery, Risktaking for Success, LLC
  • What Shirky Didn’t Tell Us:
    Allison Fine, techPresident and Personal Democracy Forum, Shireen Mitchell, Digital Sistas, Tanya Tarr, AFSCME. Moderator: Deanna Zandt, Consultant
  • Video Activism:
    Ramya Raghavan, YouTube, Yvette Matisse Bustos Hawkes, Witness, Erica Priggen, Free Range Graphics. Moderator: Shirley Sexton, See3 Communications.
  • Transparency in Government:
    Ryan Alexander, Taxpayers for Common Sense and Sheila Krumholz, Center for Responsive Politics. Moderator: Nancy Watzman, Sunlight Foundation
  • Social Media ROI:
    Heather Holdridge, Care2, Cheryl Contee, Fission Strategy. Moderator: Monique Elwell, Conversify

Amazing panels, amazing panelists, ten bucks—go register!

The podcasts from the 2008 telesummit are all online. While you are exploring the website, don’t overlook the excellent collection of articles and information in the Resources section.

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