Raise Money on Twitter with Tipjoy

Tips for tipjoy tip collecting. More . . .

Tipjoy is a well known online micropayment app that allows you to collect small sums for various causes on your blog or website. It can now be integrated with Twitter to both give and get money.

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to open a new Twitter account just for the fund raising project you have in mind. Use a name reflecting your goal such as the fabulously successful account named @charitywater.

Set up a page on your blog or web site explaining what the fund raiser is all about and what the money will be used to do.

Go to the Tipjoy home page. There’s a very obvious box for Twitter users to get started. Tipjoy will generate some code for you that you can add to your page as a widget. This widget will do two things: collect money and tweet about each donation. You customize this widget on the Tipjoy Twitter Tools page.

When you tweet about the fund raising project, use a url shortener for your page with the collection widget, so there will be plenty of characters available for retweeting.

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