Useful Links: White House Photos, @import, WCAG2.0

The White House makes another interesting tech move, the latest on @import, get your WCAG2.0 in small doses.

The White House is now on Flickr. Comments are open (we’ll see how that goes) but the images are untitled and untagged at the moment.  I like this example of The President and Secretary Clinton chatting at a picnic table. I personally would like to thank The White House for this and celebrate by thumbing my nose at the AP.

Don’t use @import from High Performance Web Sites explains why @import is as dead as Netscape 4 for adding styles to web sites.

One Guideline a Day. WCAG 2.0 made easy is a great blog. It’s like vitamins, take one a day and soon you’ll be full of vim, vigor and accessibility.

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