The Problem with Web Apps

Web apps, Twitter spinoffs, iPhone apps: they are everywhere, sprouting like bluebonnets after a long Texas rain. Everyone loves them. Developers are creating them as fast as they can in hopes of finding the magic app that will go viral and make a career.

It looks to me, an outsider, like many of these efforts are the work of lone developers. What the developers lack is technical writing skills. Wonderful as the apps are, the support and help files are dismal.

I suggest that a bit of an investment in a technical writer (someone like me who enjoys explaining things in simple terms) would help the app succeed and be adopted by more people. Does anyone agree with me, or do you think that support and help files are a waste of time and money?

Look what happened to Zappos when they decided the most important thing they had to offer was good service. Developers of web apps need to think about providing clear information about their product for their users.

Communicate for success!

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