Resources for Learning SVG

Shelley Powers from Burningbird sent out a tweet this morning that IE 8.1 is going to include support for SVG. If you haven’t started paying attention to SVG yet, now is the time.

A good place to start learning about SVG is Burningbird. Shelley has been working with it on her personal sites for quite some time and has explained in numerous posts how to make it all work. The site itself is the best example, so look under the hood and kick the tires. Here are a few of Burningbird’s posts:

You should look at Shelley Powers excellent book, Painting the Web. Chapter 7, which clocks in at just over 50 pages, is called SVG Bootcamp.

Other learning resources on the web include,

Open source vector graphics software is available from Inkscape. There’s a Java based SVG toolkit available from Batik.

Other books, neither of which I’ve read (I have read Painting the Web and recommend it.)

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