Sunday at SXSW

Elisa gets interviewed

I didn’t blog sessions today quite so much. There were several reasons for this. One, I watched one of the founders of BlogHer, Elisa Camahort Page (pictured above) be interviewed.

Two, I spent over two hours involved in an education lunch with a gaggle of people interested in the way web design is taught. Three, I went to a couple of core conversations—one on the web in higher ed and one on blogging. The core conversations are difficult for note taking. They are conversations and jump around like, well, conversations. And the rooms where they are held have almost no chairs, no wiring, no mics and no projectors. You just hang out and talk.

I also hung out in the trade show, voted on the AIR entries for this year, talked to Knowbiiity’s Sharron Rush several times, and generally had a great time.

Tomorrow is the day for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the WaSP Curriculum Framework, Interact. You’ll learn the URL on the new site housing the curriculum and I’ll be tweeting up a storm during all the announcements about it. @vdebolt.

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