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Opera adds core competencies in JavaScript to its curriculum, avatars matter, and a search for the perfect Dreamweaver extension maker. More. . .
More . . .

JavaScript in Town! announces new articles in the Opera Web Standards Curriculum with 13 new articles on the core competencies for JavaScript. Opera also announced the final CSS article in the CSS track of their curriculum.

Why Your Avatar Matters from Hivelogic gives you some ideas about the importance of your avatars. Hivelogic didn’t say this, but I must add, don’t change your avatar all the time. Be consistent.

In comments onĀ  the post Dear Adobe, Here’s an idea for you, it was mentioned that the best way to introduce new capabilities like what I suggested for RDFa was via the Dreamweaver extension route. I thought of Project Seven, but learned that they aren’t particularly interested in building a tool for this. I started looking for other Dreamweaver extension makers. I found Hot Dreamweaver and Kaosweaver in a quick search, but I don’t know if this idea would appeal to them. Are there other Dreamweaver extension gurus out there that I don’t know about who might think this is a good idea? If you know of any, please leave a name and a link to the website.

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