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Examples of the real-time web in action and places to watch during the inauguration for real-time news. More . . .

Sorry, Google, You Missed the Real-Time Web at ReadWriteWeb points out,

In case you missed it, this live streaming mashup of the plane that crashed in the Hudson River yesterday did what no media company could do. It is the future of media — crude, simple, and missing loads of things we would want, yes, but new media always show up that way.

My first glimpse of the plane crash was on Twitter. The mashup ReadWriteWeb mentioned was made using storytir. Storytir will pull in tweets, RSS, Facebook updates and all sorts of content and display it like the example in the story from ReadWriteWeb. Storytir seems worth checking out.

With the inauguration coming, the new experience of a real-time web will hit many people in the face for the first time in a big way tomorrow. A few real-time suggestions from me for the event¬† include National Public Radio’s (NPR)¬† already running Inauguration Report which is pulling in #inaug09 and #dctrip09 tagged posts to Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube. The Flickr stream for photos tagged “inauguration” is already available. Great photos.

This is raw, unedited, unpolished reality. It’s one of the ways media is changing.

Watch for my post tomorrow on BlogHer with many more suggestions for watching the inauguration in real time.

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