Useful Links: Development Tools, the Economy, Mobile Future

15 Helpful In-Browser Web Development Tools from Smashing Magazine summarizes a number of good plug-ins, inspectors, debuggers, evaluators, and other tools that work right in your browser.

Michael Heller and the Gridlock Economy is a book review at World Changing. It talks about ownership. Heller says when too many people own something, gridlock results. Here’s a quote from the review:

The most underused natural resource in America, Heller claims, is electromagnetic spectrum. We’re stuck with a licensing policy put into place under Calvin Coolidge, which doesn’t recognize any of the technological innovation that’s happened between then and now. The system is geographically fragmented and non-transferable, and leads to a system where the US is falling behind other advanced nations in broadband penetration. Spectrum gridlock prevents the emergence of high-speed wireless services, he argues.

There is no future of mobile. Ever hear Kathy Sierra talk about how to make technology kick ass? Well Helen Keegan at Musings of a Mobile Marketer is telling people in the mobile sector how to kick ass in this article. She gives six reasons why the current direction of mobile is not sustainable. I sure hope someone’s listening.

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