Useful Links: CSS help, Singularity

20 Websites to Help You Learn CSS is a good summary article at Six Revisions. I’ve mentioned and linked to most of the 20 already, but there are some resources in this list never seen before on Web Teacher.

Singularity Web Conference is an all online conference on Oct 24 – 26. If you’ve never been able to make a web conference, here’s your chance to join in from home. Lots of ways to connect, lots of interesting things to talk and think about.

One thought on “Useful Links: CSS help, Singularity”

  1. Looks like Singularity had to change their name due to a trademark challenge (from someone that doesn’t put on conferences). yet somehow the Singularity Summit is getting a pass. Seems fishy to me.

    Also worth noting: 72 speakers, only 12 of which are women. This is markedly *worse* that the 30/9 ratio I previously noted.

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