Office 2007 for Mac

I’ve been working on a book lately. Keeping up with posts here is a challenge. Another challenge has been trying to use the Track Changes features in my antique Office X version of Word. Despite some misgivings about Office 2007 on Mac–supposed to have lots of bugs–I bought the new suite and installed it. The people I’m working with assured me that keeping track of comments and edits in the newer Word would be easier, so I went for it.

It installed quickly and I downloaded the service pack with no hitch. It was annoying to have to set up a Windows Live ID in order to register the new software–what’s up with that, Microsoft? Once I had the service pack installed, I launched Powerpoint and Excel first. Just in case things went bad, I didn’t want to be using an important app. Since that went well, I imported all my old info into the new Entourage. Then I went for the big boy: Word.

Yes, I decided it was worth the money for the suite to get the latest version of Word when I started looking at an edited page and using the comments and track changes features. Sooooo much easier.

My old Word used to crash if I tried to change a filename using Save As and giving the file a new name. Since I do my neighborhood newsletter several times a year and start from the old one each time, not being able to rename a file without a crash was a problem. The new Word did that with no problems. After about 4 hours of use, I only had one crash with the new Word, another big improvement.

Now, I have to get back to work (using Word) and I hope it will go much faster than before. Ahhh, productivity.

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