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Opera Software has released the latest version (9.5) of its browser. In case you want to get started playing with some of the CSS 3 properties, it supports text-shadow, media queries, nth-child, and background sizing.

Firefox for Mobile. Speaking of browsers, Firefox is developing a mobile browser meant for touch screen devices. You can see some video of what they’re doing at Aza’ Thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Useful Links”

  1. Hello Virginia

    I would have liked if Opera 9.5 had supported hsla color. Whenever I use hsla color for text-shadow or box-shadow, I have to hide this from Opera 9.5 by some hack.

    It’s the same with FF3 RD1 not supporting background-size. I have to hide this CSS from Gecko.

    You have to be a good CSS hacker to use CSS3.

  2. Hi Alan,
    I think CSS3 should be regarded as something to try with selected browsers right now. It isn’t the recommended standard (yet), so browser support is even more unpredictable than it may be when it does become a recommendation.

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