Minor irritations

My personal life has been in an upheaval for the past week. My son’s flu that won’t give up, a tragic event close to my daughter that’s left her grieving. Me feeling the pain they feel, but helpless to change anything. That’s not the minor irritation. That’s the major stuff.

The minor irritation is the rest of life. Sometimes everything seems trivial in the face of big events, doesn’t it?

For example, why the hell did the latest version of WordPress, a much touted major upgrade, deselect the http:// in the Insert Link dialog? Now it must be selected before a link can be pasted in. If you forget to do that, you end up with a link that starts out with http://http:// and resists being fixed when you finally notice it.

And why is the Insert button in a Drupal Insert Link dialog box on the opposite side at the bottom of the dialog box from the Insert button in a WordPress Insert Link dialog box?

That’s as irritating as the differing location of the Ctrl and Command keys that are needed for keyboard commands on either Windows or Mac.

What’s the deal with Dreamweaver CS3 on a Mac when it says it’s inserting CSS and JS files into a site root to support functions and styles for Spry widgets? It inserts links to the files in the document head, but the files don’t make it to the SpryAssets folder. When you try to get them there manually, Dreamweaver is likely to crash. That’s irritating.

Twitter. Why is it so irritating?

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