A Kiss Chris Wilson Unconference

Shelley says, “I promise to kiss Chris Wilson as soon as IE supports XHTML AND SVG.

This is in response to a couple of kissing stories here on Web Teacher. First, this Useful Links post, in which I offered hugs and kisses to Microsoft in general, not Chris Wilson in particular. Skye commented that I needed to reserve my enthusiasm for a while. The second kissing story involved an actual kiss for Chris Wilson: WaSP Annual Meeting–Don’t Break the Web.

Chris I think we should begin planning an unconference dedicated to delivering kisses to Chris Wilson when Microsoft finally gets the support for web standards in IE 8 done right. I suggest some rules. 1) The unconference should be in a really fun place, so we could all enjoy being there. 2) Chris must extend a cheek for a kiss to all comers—women, men, young, old. No fair letting Steph deliver the kiss for all of us. 3) After that, we all talk shop and drink Margaritas or MochaChocaLattes or Diet Coke for the rest of the day. 4) Kisses will be relayed back to Microsoft using Chris’ own two lips—during a widely publicized photo op.

In this way, popular support for web standards will receive the warmth and attention it deserves.

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