Get a free book from me at SXSWi

Mastering Integrated HTML and CSSI’m going to drag along a couple of copies of Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS to SXSWi this year. I’m not on a panel this year, so they won’t be available in the trade show bookstore.

I’ll give them away in the halls or conference rooms to the first people who meet the requirements. The requirements are still under development, but they will involve secret code words and arcane spy-like mystery gestures.

This book takes you through HTML and CSS from the basic to the advanced. When you learn something new about HTML, say, how to make a list, you also learn the CSS that can create presentations for lists. That’s what the “integrated” part is all about. So if you’re in need of a book along those lines and plan to attend SXSWi keep an eye out for my BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the way to get one from me absolutely free.

2 thoughts on “Get a free book from me at SXSWi”

  1. Can I get a copy if I swap you copies of ours? Just tell me what you want… (I’m already assuming you want my JS Essentials video, right?).

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