FCC will investigate Comcast on Net Neutrality

Thank you if you were one of the more than 23,000 people who demanded the Federal Communications Commission stop Comcast from blocking Web traffic. The FCC announced that it would investigate the cable company’s Net Neutrality violation.

The FCC is seeking public comment before it decides to punish Comcast. By speaking out now, you can force the FCC to stop all the would-be gatekeepers from tampering with the free-flowing Internet: Here’s a link that will let you comment to the FCC: Protect the Open Internet.

For some background on this issue, see Comcast: The Hammerer and the Hammeree.

Perhaps you’re not a Comcast user and think that this doesn’t matter to you. A leaked memo from Time Warner shows they are considering the same dirty trick. See ars tecnica for more.

2 thoughts on “FCC will investigate Comcast on Net Neutrality”

  1. Interesting. I’m a Comcast customer and am also having trouble accessing _Canadian_ websites via the combo of Comcast and IE. I can still access the sites using FF, though. Very irritating. Also, Comcast has been playing games with their monthly bill – You can read my recent experience here – http://www.pajamadeen.com/internet/fun-and-games-with-comcast-cable-bill

    The billing game, when extrapolated out, could also cost customers big time, right in the wallet.

  2. Pajamadeen,
    I had my entire web site declared as spam by comcast over the holidays and couldn’t get any mail for over 3 days. Very frustrating and not really resolved successfully. Then they changed the port for outgoing mail using their SMTP servers without telling their customers.

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