Useful links for today

Google Search Tricks in TiKouka gives even more great search tricks for Google. Did you know about these useful search features?

MacHeist will sell you a bundle of 11 Mac software apps worth $368 for only $49. It’s good software: CSSEdit, Snap Z Pro, Cha-Ching and others. You can give 25% of that $49 to the charity of your choice. Hurry, the deal only lasts 10 more days. Nice going, MacHeist!

Digital Tools Help Users Save Energy from the New York Times is confirmation of something Bruce Sterling said at SWSWi years ago: until there’s a readout on everything telling us exactly how many particulates are in the air or how many pollutants are in the drinking water on a second by second basis, the status quo will not change. Hey, Bruce, the idea applies to energy use, too. ADDENDUM 1/16/08: Making Fuel Consumption Visible—yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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