A Look at SiteKreator

I’m on a streak, testing out all the free online web page building tools. The lastest is SiteKreator.

My overall impression of SiteKreator is that the free version is very limited when compared with Webnode and Weebly. To get services you may want you have to pay anywhere from $20 to $40 a month. For that kind of money, you’d be better off doing it the old fashioned, pre-Web 2.0 way by creating the site from scratch.

SiteKreator is a bit different in approach from the others. It isn’t drag and drop. It uses tiny (tiny!) icons with drop down menus. The M icon lets you add menu items (and therefore, new pages). The A icon lets you add areas that may contain text, images, or files. When you have an area on a page, you use a T icon to edit or add to the area. The control panel is revealed by clicking a P icon. Page properties and your account info are under the P icon.

Although I played around with it quite a while, I didn’t actually go ahead and activate the account. (You must respond to an email to activate.) Therefore, I cannot give you any information about how well the page performed in the browser when published and whether it could pass any validation tests. Based on a few runs through the validator with the Sample pages they provide, I’m fairly safe in saying that they would not perform well. Realistically, however, someone wanting a free tool with a URL coming from free hosting probably doesn’t care about HTML purity or accessibility.

Several days ago I saw a blog post that said SiteKreator was a Dreamweaver killer. There is no danger of that.

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2 thoughts on “A Look at SiteKreator”

  1. Teach,

    Once you get the “hang” of SiteKreator — you will find it to be an incredible web tool…I didn’t like it at first — but it grew on me…Coffee Cup is also good, but for a basic CMS — SiteKreator is awesome…take a closer look…and I do not work for them…just love their product

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