Goodbye, old friend

It’s the end of life for the Netscape browser. For the first 5 years or so after I learned HTML, I had such an intense and ongoing relationship with Netscape Navigator that I referred to it as “my significant other.” Lately it’s slipped further and further into the dust bin of my mind, and our relationship has dwindled to almost nothing.

Alas, the once mighty giant seems to have suffered a similar fate in the minds of others. AOL announced that the browser has finally fallen into that software category known as “end of life.” In English, that means, “We ain’t spending one more man hour of effort on this software: not on support, not on fixes, not on updates. The party is over.”

Who would think a person could wax nostalgic over the browser wars and feel a stirring of the old loyalty to Netscape when its lonely end is upon us? But I do, I do. So long, Netscape. It’s been a pleasure to have known you.