Further proof that I would not do well on Jeopardy

My humiliating score on the how many HTML elements can you name in five minutes test proves once again that I can’t think on my feet.


Interesting exercise, but if you do it, watch out for the line of code adding a link for an ad to your score widget if you choose to post it on your blog like I did.

6 thoughts on “Further proof that I would not do well on Jeopardy”

  1. Virginia, I’ve about sworn off all of these Internet quizzes and widgets – I can’t even remember the one I took last week that turned out to be nothing more than the bait to get you to page through about a hundred “offers” from “sponsors” (“Permission to spam your inbox, Captain?”) – I’m starting to feel bitter and jaded, myself, lately.

    I’ve never bothered to count up how many HTML elements I can name (how many XML elements can you make up off the top of your head?) but I still think Kevin Werbach’s Bare Bones Guide to HTML is about my favorite reference guide. (I haven’t read yours, yet.) “Bare bones” is just what I needed, years ago, when I was learning HTML – the books were overwhelming, daunting – but five ASCII text pages of HTML elements, syntax, and why I’d care was just what I needed.

  2. I know its silly, but after writing two books about HTML, I should be able to dash off a few HTML elements as easily as naming off my children, doncha think?.

  3. Maybe, but then again, you know you’ve already written the books and have a handy reference any time you need it – so why hold that data in short-term memory? Don’t you have far more interesting things with which to clutter up your brain cells? (Forgetting the names of your children would be inexcusable, on the other hand – but I’ll bet you can get to the books you wrote more quickly than you can lay your hands on a birth certificate or baby book!)

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