Today’s useful links

An educational technology dead end? examines content management systems and related issues.

HTML Design Principles is a draft from the W3C of HTML5. This is not a recommendation and will change. They want comments by email at Keep in mind that WHATWG has an opinion on this issue, too.

The Email Standards Projects is a subgroup within the Web Standards Project, working to get standard applications of HTML in email applications. They are looking for help.

Zooming Backgrounds in IE 7 discusses a problem and solution for those using faux columns as a design technique. Seems in IE 7, a background image doesn’t zoom along with the rest of the page, causing a problem with faux columns.

Five ways to shape the soul of the Internet by Alexandra Samuel contains thought provoking gems such as, “Give your attention to sites, people and organizations that reflect your true values. . . . every page you load is a vote to have more of that kind of content, or more of that kind of interaction.”

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