Speak Out: Where to Study Web Design?

Suggest the best places (or the places to avoid) where you can study web design, web development and like topics. Please include links to college, institutes, or places that you regard as doing a great job.

2 thoughts on “Speak Out: Where to Study Web Design?

  1. I was always worried about putting in the money to take the Webmaster courses at Austin Community College, because the students’ portfolio sites they had online were so bad. Visually unappealing, and some even used frames for no good reason.

  2. I can speak as both a graduate of that program and one of the former instructors in that program. The classes are brief, usually 12 to 24 classroom hours. You don’t get depth. When I was teaching the HTML classes, it was divided into beginning, intermediate and advanced courses in order to get all the HTML in. I don’t know how they do CSS–they didn’t offer it yet when I was there as I recall.

    When I was a student in the program, the best class I had was a Photoshop class taught by Greg Hervey from Mercury Graphics.

    The capstone projects listed on the web site go waaaaayyyyy back, I still see mine listed there. MusicAustin doesn’t even exist as such any more. I sold it to UnlockAustin.

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