Apple finally attracts the vultures

The popularity of the new iPhone finally drew the maggots and vultures to Apple. We’re hearing that they have found vulnerabilities in the iPhone that will reveal all your data to your adoring public. Turns out that the same vulnerabilities are there in Safari for the desktop. Nobody cared enough to look before the iPhone, I guess. According to an article in Computer World,

The iPhone vulnerability that could let hackers steal data or commandeer the device also exists in the desktop edition of Apple Inc.’s Mac OS X operating system, the exploit’s researchers said today.

Charles Miller, one of the three researchers from Baltimore-based Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) who found the bug and wrote proof-of-concept exploits, confirmed that the vulnerability in the iPhone version of Safari is also present in the desktop version of the browser. Safari is included with all Mac OS X installations.

The Windows version of Safari is also vulnerable. “[But] it may or may not be exploitable there,” Miller said.

Looks like it’s time for all you Mac owners to go out and buy the dreaded Symantec software. Yuk.

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