Review: Dreamweaver CS3: The Missing Manual

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★★★★★ This book is by David Sawyer McFarland, published by O’Reilly in 2007. I have some favorite books about Dreamweaver that I’ve recommended as teaching texts. This is the everything book about Dreamweaver. It gives you all the basic introduction to the software, using the Design View for formatting, using CSS and such that you find in most books. But it also includes chapters on databases, recordsets, database records and server behaviors. It tells you how to do everything Dreamweaver can do.

I like the fact that the author gives you the information on how to do things using standards. If something is explained that isn’t using Dreamweaver according the best practices, the author tells you that, too. A reader would come away with information about how to use the software in the most standards-compliant way. This is not always the case with Dreamweaver books, and is one of the best features about this one.

It costs more than the Dreamweaver books that don’t include material for database and dynamic site users, so if you don’t need those functions, try one of the less complete books. Recommended.

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