Review: The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

Jun 9, 2007 by

Web Teacher

Summary: CSS for design

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★★★★☆ This book by Jason Beaird (Sitepoint, 2007) discusses some of the principles of design and explains how to implement those principles using CSS.

It covers some of the same ground as the popular design for non-designers books by Robin Williams, but takes on new topics. And explains how to write the HTML and CSS to make it happen. It even includes some hints for chores in Photoshop. The book has chapters on layout and composition, color, texture, typography and imagery.

As for using it to teach, the book could not stand alone as a semester’s core for a design course. However, it would be a good resource in a general web design class. It’s a slim book and a fast read, so it would be easy to use to supplement other assignments.

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