The HTML Scope/Headers Debate

The HTML working group, according to Juicy Studio, has concluded that the headers attribute for complex tables is unnecessary for HTML5. The group is leaning toward letting scope handle everything. I’ll keep an eye on this one, as it will be interesting to see where it goes.

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  1. Hi Virginia,

    I asked for advice from WAI and the PFWG on the “headers” issue. This is their resulting statement:

    Then as the editor requested,

    I started a page in the HTML 5 working group’s wiki on the subject.

    Have you considered joining the HTML 5 Working Group?

    Ian Hickson posted:
    > Anyone can actually join the W3C HTML Working Group. I encourage
    > everyone interested in the development of HTML5 to take part. If you
    > don’t take part, and the language develops in a way you don’t like,
    > then you have but yourself to blame.
    > Taking part in the group is not a big commitment. You can spend as
    > much or as little time contributing; you don’t need to read every
    > e-mail on subjects you don’t care about, you don’t need to call in or
    > attend face-to-face meetings. In fact, the W3C has stated in the
    > group’s charter that no binding decisions will be made at meetings;
    > you are guaranteed equal say whether you are present or not.

    Members get a vote on the issues. The accessibility and standards advocates currently seem to be a minority.

    For further info and instructions for joining visit:


  2. Laura,
    I did briefly consider joining the HTML 5 working group when Ian Hickson and Roger Johansson were first pushing for it. I decided against it for two main reasons. 1) I’m overwhelmed with my current level of busyness, and 2) I’m not a forceful defender of my ideas. I think the lack of assertiveness and ability to persistently push for a particular point is a personal weakness of mine that would make me just another warm body as a member.

  3. Thanks for considering it, Virginia. Your background, intellect, reasoning abilities, and way with words would have made you a terrific WG member.

    But I know what you mean about busyness and assertiveness. It can be quite draining.

    All the best,

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