Possible hard lesson from Adobe

This morning I attempted to open Dreamweaver only to see a message that my trial version had expired. No way to get into the help screen to enter serial numbers, no joy anywhere.

Here’s the backstory. I worked with Peachpit Press a while back doing a tech edit on a Dreamweaver book. They provided a trial version of Dreamweaver CS3 so I could do my job. When the job was finished, I put the trial app in my trash (a Mac method of uninstalling, for you Windows users who doin’t know what I’m talking about). Then I went to Adobe and purchased a brand new, all my own, upgrade to Dreamweaver CS3 for $200. I download, install, send in the serial numbers to validate, and go from there.

Okay, back to this morning and the non-working Dreamweaver. I called Adobe and it seems that you cannot upgrade a suite—in this case Studio 8—by individual product. In other words, since my previous product was a suite, I can only get an upgrade on the suite. Individual products are individual products are individual products are individual products. They are not suites. Thirty days have passed since I bought it, so no refund. My apparent only option is now to upgrade the suite for another $500 and chalk the $200 I spent earlier up to

  • my own stupidity, or
  • Adobe’s inadequate communications about upgrades

I’m scheduled to talk to a supervisor at Adobe, but I don’t think I’m going to come away happy from this one. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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