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In the interests of adding a woman’s voice to the Media Consumption Diet meme at, here are my media consumption habits.

  • Web: I read the news using Google News and the New York Times. I read a large number of blogs using NetNewsWire as my blog feeder. My favorite blogs are listed in the Recommended Blogs menu in the sidebar, except for a few that don’t relate to web design. My favorite non-web design blog is Time Goes By.
  • Music: I listen to a lot of jazz, including the jazz shows on public radio. I listen to podcasts of “All Songs Considered,” “Radio Without Borders,” “Texas Music Matters,” and “The Austin Connection.” I also listen to music from my CD collection which mostly includes female jazz vocalists but is very eclectic.
  • TV: I like movies better than network shows but once in a while a network show such as “Brothers and Sisters” catches my interest.
  • Communications: phone and email, blogs and listservs
  • Movies: I go to a lot of movies but don’t like really violent ones
  • Magazines: Newsweek, New Mexico Magazine, AARP Magazine. Mostly I get news online.
  • Books: I read three or four books a week, mostly novels but sometimes nonfiction. I’m in two book discussion groups.
  • Newspapers: I read my local Sunday paper. Other newspapers I read online. I get most of my daily news from public radio.

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3 thoughts on “Media consumption meme”

  1. I generally avoid memes, but this one is interesting (and not just because you mentioned my blog which is very nice of you.)

    I’m so glad you brought it out of the tech blog realm where I could find it and I’ll add my voice to it soon.

  2. (I just left a comment, but it doesn’t show up, so I’ll try again.)

    I don’t generally like memes, but this one is really interesting. And not just because you include my blog in your regular media diet.

    I’ll add mine to the collection soon.

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