Sheri German provides lesson plans

Sheri German wrote the first of a series of standards-based lesson plans for Dreamweaver at Community MX. The Dreamweaver Web Standards Lesson Plan Series – Part One. She says,

There is a concern among educators that web design is often being taught poorly–even at the college level–and without regard for standards. In some cases it is because the instructor has not updated her skills since the turn of the century. In other cases it is because there is a perception that it is too hard to teach and learn CSS. Yes, it is true that one must go slowly, start simple, and build skills in a systematic way. Still, after some experimentation and a few of my own lessons learned the hard way, I came up with some beginning exercises that seem to instill the essential concepts without overwhelming the students. In this series I would like to share some of these lesson plans with my fellow educators who, like me, would like to start their students out with ‘best practices’.”

Keep an eye on this series for future lesson plans.

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