Hillary’s In

Hillary Clinton announced that she formed a “committee to explore running for president” yesterday. She is using the Internet in interesting ways to promote her campaign. The first is by asking voters to submit entries for the first post in her shiny new blog. Like the Time Magazine person of the year, Hillary promises that this campaign will be about YOU. The only missing item in her Internet approach is a YouTube video of her announcement, with a way for voters to quickly import her videos to their own site, a la YouTube. Barak one-upped her on YouTube already. It’s going to be an interesting Web 2.0 election.

2 thoughts on “Hillary’s In”

  1. Hi,

    I’m Canadian, but I’m casually following political events in the U.S. My sense is that Ms. Clinton may have a good chance of winning the Democratic nomination, but I have doubts about her winning the presidency. Americans may be ready for a female president, but I’m not sure they are ready for her. She may lose with the strong “Christian” population in the U.S.

  2. Hi Giovanni, nice to see you here at Web Teacher. Actually, I’ve been looking at the 8 announced Democratic candidates sites today to see how they are integrating the web. They all have ways for the citizens to interact through myspace, blogs, flickr, YouTube, and several other interactive tools. (I haven’t studied the Republican sites yet.) This is going to be an election where the word of the people is sought and curried in all sorts of “Web 2.0” ways that we’ve not seen before in an election. There will be dozens of ways to get your voice heard by the candidates, those you support and those you don’t. This may be the election where there are no more excuses for not getting involved.

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