Why hReview, the Microformat, Rocks!

I’ve been writing book reviews on this blog since the very beginning. It fact, the reason I started the blog in the first place was so I could write reviews of the books available for teaching web design.

Recently I’ve been playing with the hReview creator that automatically generates the code for the microformat hReview. The first time I tried it, I used it as is, with no modifications. I didn’t like the way it handled the image, though. So I modified the code the hReview creator gave me a bit and tried it again. The second time I was much happier with the appearance, it fit in better with my usual style of writing book reviews for this blog and the image was where I wanted it.

My main question was whether the modified hReview code would be recognized as readily as the unmodified version. I tested this by searching Google for reviews of the two books I’d used hReview to format. I was amazed to see that my reviews, in either the modified or unmodified format, both place very high in the Google rankings. Since other book reviews I have written do not come in to the Google search results at such a prominent spot, I think the hReview microformat must deserve some credit for my good search results. My conclusion? hReview rocks!

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