The ability to write

In a guest post by Jon Symons at Entrepreneur’s Journey by Yaro Starak, Symons talks about the ability to write for humans and well as search engines. Are You Neglecting this Essential Internet Business Skill? He starts off by saying, “It’s ironic but in the whole deluge of textual information presented on the web, the skill most sorely lacking is the ability to write. We’ve seen Yaro and others write about how AdSense (I’ve nicknamed it Crack-Sense) is ruining the Internet and it certainly is true. Not only has the fact that Google will pay you very well to put crap sites online contaminated the global well of information by spawning infinite spam sites, but it has also changed the nature of that information as well.”

You get good advice about how to write well. I say good advice because it appeals to me as a fan of the concept of writing practice that was popularized by Natalie Goldberg. (Here’s a Sun Magzine interview with Natalie Goldberg explaining writing practice if you’ve never heard of it.)

It isn’t just about writing well in general, however, it’s also about writing for humans and search engine bots, and these points are touched on in this article also.

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