Are you using Angel or Moodle?

I just learned about another online teaching and learning tool called ANGEL Learning. I’d be interested in hearing about how it compares with Blackboard and WebCT, if you have any information to share. It uses XHTML and makes some accessibility claims that sound good, but what’s the reality?

This just in: two more content management systems for learning that claim accessibility. ATutor and Moodle. Is anyone using either of these? Can you tell me what you think?

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3 thoughts on “Are you using Angel or Moodle?”

  1. This is interesting that you post this now. I just went to two day conference and learned about Moodle and Angel. I would say that Moodle is most likely fairly accessible, although at the conference somebody who is using Moodle for their courses said they had a student whose eyesight was impaired and was having difficulty using Moodle. On the surface, Angel does impress me. The user can switch from the frame index to screen reader mode. How well that works in JAWS or other screen reader software, I do not know. One problem I find with any course management software, is that no matter how much they tout how accessible their product is, once the instructor starts putting content created in Word and saved as web page, accessibility goes out the window!

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