WaSP Annual Meeting

Jeffrey Zeldman gave some history to start off the first open WaSP annual meeting. Obviously, the early efforts of this group have made a big difference. As soon as IE7 is on board, every modern browser will support standards fairly well.

The Aussie from Stylemaster (John Allsop) encouraged everyone to remember that the first browser that supported CSS was IE3. Allsop said his only claim to fame is that he introduced Eric Meyer and Jeffrey Zeldman back when WaSP was trying to organize and find people to help promote their programs. WaSP worked because it effectively offered free consulting to the browser makers. They picked 10 things that really needed fixing and presented the list to Microsoft. Then they did Opera and later Netscape. They worked to be helpful rather than critical. This is a great model for a way to effect change. He said that the reason CSS works today is because of the early WaSP group of only 10 people.

Andy Clarke announced a new web site launch today for the WaSP site. Zeldman cut the virtual ribbon to launch it. The site was built by a group of designers working together. It uses WordPress.

Molly said that the new web site offers comments. Feedback has been important to growth and progress and like this first open meeting, the open comment function on the site brings a new era in the way things are done. In other words, they are inviting discussion and even more feedback.

The individual WaSP members introduced themselves. That was in process as I had to leave.

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