Course Casting

Professor In Your Pocket – Newsweek Society – Newsweek reports on the growing popularity of course casting, dowloaded lectures, and what’s happening to the sage on the stage in the college lecture hall. Stanford, Perdue, Duke and The U of Washington are all offering digital lectures.

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  1. I am a high school teacher who will be teaching Web Design (Dreamweaver MX) and Publisher this year to my students. I was wondering if you had any projects that I would be able to give them? I love your site and all the information available on it, thats why I think your the perfect person who would be able to help me out. Thanks

  2. Some of the Tips are suitable for classroom use. In case it doesn’t say so at the bottom of a particular tip, I grant a license for reproduction for classroom use with the tips. I don’t have a syllabus or anything like that I can give you. You can find a link to the tips at the top of the page.

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