New PVII Tutorials; New Jump Start Designs

A new series of tutorials at Project Seven was announced today. Written by graphics expert Linda Rathgeber-Stewart, the series focuses on making background images in Fireworks. Here’s the first: PVII Tutorials – Making Background Images in Fireworks: Pixel Tiles

On another front, Community MX released a new Jump Start design today designed by Linda Rathgeber-Stewart and coded by Zoe Gillenwater. This Jump Start design is not free, unless you are a member of Community MX. The design is Traverse City.

Zoe Gillenwater, by the way, is one of those invisible women of the web. She is a CSS expert on a par with any big-name CSS celebrity you might mention, but she is very low profile. She writes amazing and helpful advice as a member of the CSS-Discuss newsgroup. She can analyze and fix any goofed-up, hacked-up, misguided CSS problem you can throw at her. She’s helped as many or more people grasp CSS than anyone in the web design community. Lately she’s been contributing a bit more publicly in articles at Community MX, but she is a perfect example of a woman whose quiet accomplishments go unnoted because she’s not out calling attention to herself, she’s simply getting the job done.

3 thoughts on “New PVII Tutorials; New Jump Start Designs”

  1. Without a doubt — Zoe completely rox! I expect you’ll hear more from her in the future… A voice like hers does not remain quiet for long. 😉

  2. Wow, thanks Virginia! What can I say, CSS is fun and I like indoctrinating others with it. How much do I owe you again? 😉

  3. No truer words were every spoken, Virginia. Zoe is one of the great stars in the Web dev business. She can figure out any CSS problem-a creative mind if ever there was one.

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