iFrames and Indexing

My pal Taylor, the programming guru, project management freelancer and disheveled genius, called me the other day to see whether material in an iFrame got indexed by the search engines. I didn’t know so I sent him off to my favorite places like Search Engine Watch and High Rankings. He didn’t find anything specific there, but he came up with a new site for me about search engine matters called Sarah King. Now, you could click on the link to her article at Sarah King :: Are iFrames Indexed?, but it’s way more fun to find the answer by searching on this: sparkle dinosaur tube. (Don’t ask questions, just do it.)

4 thoughts on “iFrames and Indexing”

  1. Wow, Sarah, how did you happen to notice this entry so quickly? Your site is very packed with goodies.

    I do have a permalink to each entry, it is at the end. I don’t want to make the title into a link.

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