Review: PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

PHP and MySQLPHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites : Visual QuickPro Guide by Larry Ullman is the 2nd Edition of this book. Ullman has written several books about PHP and MySQL as well as the earlier edition of this book explaining the two used together.

The explanations for beginning users of both PHP and MySQL are clear and easy to follow. As you might imagine, the beginning chapters of the book are introductory in terms of both PHP and MySQL. By Chapter 7, the reader is using PHP with MySQL to execute queries and perform other functions. The Web Application Development chapter explains hidden form inputs, editing records and understanding HTTP headers. There is a chapter on cookies and sessions and a security chapter. Three example chapters give the reader an example of a content management system, a user registration system, and an e-commerce system.

The book is clear, well-written and easy to follow. I would recommend it for classroom use.

Having said that, I should mention a book that one of my friends who teaches PHP and MySQL says is her favorite book. I haven’t seen this one myself, but she likes it because each concept has a two page layout: one concept, two pages, you’re done. The book she likes is PHP 5 : Your visual blueprint for creating open source, server-side content (Visual Read Less, Learn More).

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