Google Video Search

It’s still in beta, but Google Video Search is beginning to provide search of recent TV programs. They say, “Our mission is to organize the world’s information, and that includes the thousands of programs that play on our TVs every day. Google Video enables you to search a growing archive of televised content – everything from sports to dinosaur documentaries to news shows.”

I have a new friend who taught in Naperville, IL and is now living near me. The other day on the Ellen Degeneres show I saw a young boy from Naperville who found $9000 in the street and returned it. I tried to tell my new friend about this boy, thinking he might have been one of her former students, but couldn’t recall his name. So I tried out the new Google Video Search and found the Ellen segment and a photo of the boy immediately.

The search results are a script of the part of the program containing the terms you searched for. HBO has a funny ad about how they have improved the water industry by provoking conversations around the water cooler about HBO programs. Google is set to become an integral part of all those, “Did you see…” conversations we have at work.

I thought it was pretty amazing when they started digitizing entire libraries. Now every word from TV is going to be searchable. Librarians who can teach kids how to find and evaluate information using search engines are quickly becoming the most important people on a school staff!

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