Search Engine Optimization Resources

Thanks to Sherry Holdridge, a freelance search engine guru, for this collection of resources on how to get started making your site perform well with the search engines.

  1. Read the Basics on Internet Marketing first—
  2. Figure out 3-4 keyword phrases with
    Term Suggestion Tool & Bid Tools
  3. Analyze Keywords on competitor’s pages
    Keyword Tracker—Analyzer
  4. Find out how many sites links to you and your competition
    Link Popularity Tool—
  5. Additional Tools:
    Google World—Any type of info about Google
    Internet Marketing Start Page
    FreeSticky—free content
    Web Research Tools Start page
    Cyberatlas—internet stats
  6. Newsletters:
    High Rankings Advisor newsletter
    Copywriting for the web zine
    This costs $89 but it is very informative!
    Web Digest for Marketers
    Trafficology—Strange & Unusual Web Traffic Ideas

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