Software Review: Macromedia Breeze

Macromedia Breeze appears to be a product a teacher can love. I haven’t actually touched the software, but I have participated in seminars presented with Breeze, and don’t think Macromedia’s tagline for this product, “Collaborate, communicate and train online with ease,” is off the mark or overstated.

Breeze takes presentations prepared in Microsoft Powerpoint and converts them to Flash, where they are combined with the ability to use video streams, chat, phone conferencing, surveys, and tracking to communicate in both directions between teacher and students.

If you are required to do any or all of your interacting with students online, this product is worth checking out. It also screams “guest expert” to me, because teachers could easily prepare Breeze presentations by guests or outside experts to augment class materials.

Admittedly, I’m coming at this review from a student’s perspective, never having tried out the software. I think students will love the results. And, in my opinion, it would be worth your time to get your local Macromedia representative to come to your campus and give you and your colleagues a hands-on look at this software.

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