Review: Mastering Mac OS X

Mastering Mac OS X cover Here’s a handbook of everything Mac OS X from Sybex. Mastering Mac OS X by Todd Stauffer is in its second edition, updated for OS X v10.2 (Jaguar). Whether you are new to Mac, upgrading from Mac OS 9, already familiar with Mac OS X but have a specific question, or a power user from the Unix world, this book has the answer.

Explanations are clear and understandable. Of course, the new features of Jaguar are covered, such as using Sherlock 3, QuickTime 6, iChat and Address Book. But the book also details how to use Classic applications in just as much detail.

Setting up printers, managing fonts, configuring the Apache server, using the Terminal with Darwin command lines and networking with Windows and Unix machines – it’s in there.

Making PDFs, using the Finder, creating users, using key caps, firewalls, networking – it’s in there.

AppleScript, Unix shell scripting, adding CGI scripts – it’s in there.

There are troubleshooting tips, hardware maintenance tips, tips for managing Classic, and installation tips. The 800+ pages of this book have something for anyone who uses a Mac. Something well written, easy to understand, and immediately useable.

The author, Todd Stauffer, has written over 25 books, many on Mac topics. He is a contributor to MacAddict and runs a Web site called Mac-Upgrade.

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