Review: Dreamweaver MX Fireworks MX Savvy

book cover imageSure, Macromedia created all its Web tools to play well together, but from my perspective as a writer I would find it very challenging to write a book combining the use of two of Macromedia’s complex software tools.

Author Christian Crumlish met the challenge with success in Dreamweaver MX Fireworks MX Savvy from Sybex. This is the second book in the new Savvy series from Sybex that I have reviewed, and I must say that the Savvy series has impressed me mightily so far.

Dreamweaver MX Fireworks MX Savvy is aimed at users of all experience levels. The book does not walk you through each feature of each tool in an attempt to give you every nuance about both Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX. Instead, Crumlish takes an approach that matches real-world work flow. This work-oriented approach starts in Dreamweaver with planning and setup, moves into Fireworks for graphic creation, and then back to Dreamweaver to build the site. A simplified listing of the tasks covered in order is:

  1. Set up the workspace
  2. Learn templates and libraries
  3. Produce graphics
  4. Build basic pages and apply CSS
  5. Add interactive elements and multimedia
  6. Add e-commerce and database functions
  7. Add web services and .NET
  8. Set up security and administration
  9. Test and publish

There are over 600 pages of in-depth information, project and tutorial files on an accompanying CD, useful appendices, and a generous helping of other resources in the book’s 32 chapters. In keeping with the site-building approach, the book includes information about such matters as site maintenance after the launch, cleaning up an existing site, meeting accessibility guidelines, CGI, Cold Fusion, and customizing Dreamweaver.

Crumlish has written 15 other computer books. He has taught Web design at the university level. (This book would be an excellent text book for a Web design class.)

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