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Who is Web Teacher

Virginia DeBolt

Web Teacher is  me, Virginia DeBolt. I grew up on a golf course in a small town in a far away land now shrouded in the mists of time. I like to write. I started college as a journalism major and ended up teaching school. Decades of teaching school. Seems I’m still doing it. Along the way I got married, raised kids, got divorced and discovered technology. Apple IIe – such was heaven. Quit teaching (not completely) went to Austin and became a tech writer. Worked as a contractor at IBM where I learned Apple wasn’t the only computer. Learned HTML. Loved HTML. An enduring love is HTML. Took what I knew about teaching, writing, and HTML and began to write books. My claim to fame, if I have one, is that I advocated very early on that HTML and CSS should be taught simultaneously – hence the word “Integrated” in my book titles – which was not the way it was done when I started teaching web development using the books available at the time. My teacher’s point of view demanded the “integration” of HTML and CSS. Other books followed suit. That’s how it is in every book now. No one but me recognizes my role in this so I’m claiming it now.

I started a blog (this very blog) back in 2001 or some such. Wrote a few tutorials, reviewed a few books, ranted about this and that. And I’m still here.

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Still Interested?

Find about more about my books at vdebolt.com.

I’m a contributor to InterACT with Web Standards, a book that grew out of WaSP InterAct Curriculum, a volunteer effort under the Web Standards Project. This curriculum has now been moved to the W3C where it is maintained and updated.

I’m a Contributing Editor at BlogHer.com. I was the Community Manager for Web Standards Sherpa when it was still going.


You can contact me at virginiaATvdeboltDOTcom. Please use the subject line “Web Teacher Comments” so I don’t delete your mail without reading it. I’m a very fast deleter.

Product Reviews

Here’s the Web Teacher policy on product reviews.

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