You Are Invited

An invitation from the author of Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS to practice your CSS skills. Create a stylesheet (or two) for this page.

See another example style

The Rules of the Game

Here is how you participate in this CSS styling exercise. You'll style this document. It contains a link to a stylesheet called mystyles.css. Create a stylesheet by that name for your style rules. You can make two stylesheets, as there is a link to an alternate stylesheet as well. The second stylesheet must be named morestyles.css. There are a few other requirements. The requirements are quite simple:

  • You may not change anything about the XHTML page
  • You may write any CSS rules you want to style this page
  • You may submit one or two designs
  • You may use images
  • If you plan to make two sample styles, the styleswitcher.js script is provided, which works using the links under “See another example style.”

Ready to go to work? Download this zip file. It contains the XHTML file and the JavaScript file. It also contains a README file explaining how to send me the completed entry.

Why Should You Do This?

You will get a lot of great practice using your skills as a CSS designer.

And a bonus: you get to try your skills with an XHTML element that even CSS Zen Garden does not have: a table.

The main reason to style this page is for the fun and challenge of using your CSS skills to make the page look beautiful. There is no correct style or right way to style the page, so feel free to try out all sorts of layouts, color schemes, and techniques. The XHTML is marked up with plenty of IDs and classes to give you ample "hooks" you can target with CSS rules.

Are You Going to Get Anything Out of Doing This?

Two to six of the page designs created from this page will be featured in the color insert section of the upcoming book, Mastering Integrated HTML & CSS, with full credit given to the designer. If your design is selected, it will give your design skills free public exposure. You will be given a free copy of the book in which your design appears.

Do an impressive job and you might see your design published in glorious full color in the pages of my next book. Good luck with your great design!

Helpful links

Helpful CSS Books
Book Title Author Publisher
Integrated HTML and CSS: A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn Virginia DeBolt Sybex, 2004
Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide Eric A. Meyer O'Reilly, 2004
More Eric Meyer on CSS Eric A. Meyer New Riders, 2004
The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag Peachpit Press, 2005
CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions Andy Budd Friends of Ed, 2006