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Style Me Challenge: Call for Entries

My 2004 book, Integrated HTML and CSS: A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn, included a “Style Me Challenge.” The challenge invited readers of the book to create two different stylesheets for an XHTML page.

This idea obviously stands on the shoulders of Dave Shea's CSS Zen Garden site. I don't have the resources to create a showcase site like CSS Zen Garden, but I did want to give readers of the book a small-scale experience similar to that.

Now I'm working on a new book, Mastering Integrated HTML & CSS, due out from Wiley Publishing in the Spring of 2007. There will be a full color insert in the book where I plan to showcase some of the designs created for the new Style Me Challenge. If your CSS design is chosen for the book, your name and a link to your website will be included, as well as a brief description of you or your design business. In addition to the free publicity, you'll get a copy of the book.

The Style Me Challenge allows for two designs, with a style switcher built-in to the XHTML that lets viewers look at either design. You can enter either one or two unique CSS designs for the page.

A couple of sample designs I created and a downloadable zip file with all the necessary documents to send in an entry can be found in the Style Me Challenge examples pages. My two sample designs use the same XHTML file you will use to create your CSS.

All entries must be received before October November 1, 2006.

Legal Stuff: By entering, you're granting permission to me and to John Wiley & Sons to publish your CSS file and the resulting web page in the book and in any product derived from the book.

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