Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS

Here are the errata for Mastering Integrated HTML and CSS. If you discover anything I have not mentioned here, please let me know.

Page 5

The sidebar called DOCTYPES and Presentational Attributes gives the impression that attributes of any kind are not allowed in strict DOCTYPES, when, in fact, they are. For example, an id attribute and value is perfectly acceptable in a strict DOCTYPE.

Page 27

A line is missing from the code sample at the top of the page. It should read:

<title>Chapter 2: a paragraph</title>
<style type="text/css">
. . .

Also on page 27, further testing in Firefox and Safari with the code block wrapped in the CDATA declaration shows that the internal style rule is not taken into effect using the code as shown. Using CDATA is meant for XHTML pages that are served as application/xhtml+xml, not as text/html as the examples in this book are.

Page 45

The recommended DOCTYPE declarations beginning on page 45 should be used in preference to the slightly different DOCTYPE declarations that you see in some of the code samples in the book.

Page 57 and others

When a value of 0 is assigned to to a CSS declaration, for example,

body {
padding: 0;

then there is no need for a measure such as px to be declared.

Page 90

In the third paragraph, the sentence in parenthesis should read: Instead, you see the color set for the background of the content div, white, in this particular design.

Page 205

A number can be the first character in a folder or file name.

Page 231

The section called Use an ID points out that an id might be a better option that an named anchor, but fails to mention that a number may not be used as the first character in an id attribute. The example <h2 id="3"> should use a different attribute value.

Chapter 7 links

In Chapter 7, you may find a mistake in some of the links. Some of the links have a _vd appended at the end of the filename, for example ch7groundcover_vd.html. The "_vd" should not be there and should be removed from the href attribute when you see it.

Page 316

The sentence "It is also possible to nest other block-level elements within either a dt or dd." should read It is also possible to nest other block-level elements in a dd.

Page 378

The name attribute is deprecated for form elements in XHTML.

Page 381

It is associating a label to its corresponding form control that makes the label text clickable, not wrapping the control in the label element.

It is debatable as to whether a form control and a label are a paragraph. Markup such as <p><label for="name">Your name: </label> . . . is probably not semantically sound. Since the <p> elements in this example were used for spacing purposes, a more semantic solution to this presentational requirement would be to create a rule for the label selector that provided ample margin-top.

Page 420-421

The menu shown in Figure 12.7 is the Tools menu, not the Validation menu. The second paragraph under the gray sidebar should read, I selected the Tools > Validate Section 508 menu command, . . .

Page 435

MusicAustin was sold shortly after this book was published and cannot be viewed as described here.

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