Sybex support offers help with errata in Integrated HTML and CSS: A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn. Just in case you came here first looking for help, I've put together this list of the errata I've found in the book.

Page 26

Two references to Listing 2.2 on this page should actually be to Listing 2.3. The first reference is just after the Tip near the top of the page. The second reference is in the caption for Figure 2.8.

Page 42

There is no Chapter 3 material on the CD, so you cannot find ch3bg_sm.gif to try the exercise. Here is the graphic, simply right-click (Ctrl-click) on it to save it to your Chapter 3 folder.

background graphic

Chapters 4 & 5

When I first wrote Chapters 4 and 5, I used meaningless filler text on the HTML pages headings_start.html and headings_finish.html from Chapter 4 and ch5_start.html from Chapter 5. The editors asked me to replace it with real text, which I did. Those old versions of the pages are what got put on the CD, however. The page structure is the same, regardless, but if you want the actual English text versions, download this zip file.

Page 52

The book asks you to assign classes to some h3 headings. On the CD these headings have h2 tags. Assign the classes to the h2 headings if you use the file from the CD.

Page 85

“The layout in Figure 5.17” should read “The layout in Figure 5.18”

Page 149

The paragraph at the top of the page should read:
“When you click this link, the page should open in Adobe Reader (or your computer's default PDF application). Keep in mind that this version of the Blue page is similar to the page before you added any links. If there were links present in the PDF version of the page, they would work just like links on a web page.”

Page 158

The sentence in the paragraph in mid-page should read:
“You need a selector that will style all the different elements in the menu, namely, #menu a.”

Chapter 8: the img_exercises html pages

The link for the "fence" image on the beginning creek.html page is incorrect. The same link is incorrect on fallen.html, fence.html, grid.html, and lily.html. It says:

<a href="../../Ch9/"><img src="images/fence_tn.jpg" alt="Fence" width="75" height="75" /><br />

In fact, it should be just like the other links in this exercise, or like this:

<a href="fence.html"><img src="images/fence_tn.jpg" alt="Fence" width="75" height="75" /><br />

Note that the link in the finished file, creek_finish.html, is correct.

Page 302

In the meta element line in the sidebar should have a forward slash at the end:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />

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